• Why ERP ?

    In today's world, information drives business. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business management software that integrates data from every stage/process of business into one system. This helps management to take faster decisions and improve overall process for better management and profitability.

  • Why MAKORG ?

    Our Objectives
    1. Process Automation
    2. Implementation Without Complexity
    3. Understanding your business and provide solution accordingly
    4. Data Accuracy
    5. web based information system
    6. Access on mobile/tablet
    7. All these at a very affordable cost

  • Process Automation

    What is the use of an ERP system if it cannot reduce the process time. We make sure that user spends less time in entering data

  • Ease of use

    We make sure that u spend more time in taking productive decision for the company than trying to understand complex ERP system with lots of configuration settings and complicated process flow. That is the reason we make software for you and not force you to follow our processes

  • Data Accuracy

    Main goal of our software is to offer 100 % accurate information to the managers. Thus helping them to take decisions more effectively

  • Cost Effective

    What is the use of an ERP system if instead of cutting down the costs, becomes burden on the company. We give very affordable ERP solution specially customized for your business needs.

  • MR Reporting ?

    Submit Daily call report from anywhere. Submit Tour plan/DCR using mobile. Track daily visits.



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    Sales and Distribution


    Inventory Management


    Purchase and Planning

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    Accounting and Finance Management


    MR Reporting


    HR Management


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